Children develop the most during early childhood. Their bodies and brains are going through a constant state of development. At this age, it’s necessary for parents to ensure their children develop proper eating habits. Sending your toddler Baldivis childcare is one way to make sure they are following a god routine which involves all of the following:

  • Lots of physical activity, at this age children are energetic. The key is to channel their energy into something useful. There should be one to two hours of play for children. Tis helps them become healthy and focused.
  • Screen time at school is monitored to a mere thirty minutes. This is because too much screen viewing can cause the brain to slow down and hinder mental development. Also parents should make sure to allow no more than two hours of screen time at home as well.
  • Healthy eating habits like inculcating more fruits and raw vegetables in the diet. Fruits provide much needed vitamins and minerals. The same goes for vegetables as well. Plus these have loads of fiber which improves digestion and keep kids happy.
  • The only drinks which children are allowed to have are water and fresh juice. Sweetened and fizzy drinks should be kept to a bare minimum at home as well.
  • Children younger than a year can be given breast milk provided that the mother extracts her feed in a bottle and leaves it with the care taker.
  • Emphasis on fresh and healthy meals which include the right balance of proteins and carbohydrates.

With the healthy eating and exercise program kids are expected to excel in all areas of development. Though all kids develop t a different pace, giving them a good start ensures that the development takes place at the right time.

Choosing the right Baldivis Childcare

Sending you child to a day care is an important decision and one which should be taken after you have given it lots of thought. It’s necessary to find a childcare which not only caters to your child’s mental development but also places importance on their physical wellbeing as well. At Baldivis childcare you can rest assured your child is in safe hands the care takers are properly trained in dealing with children and infants. When you send you child to Busy Bees child care in Baldivis you would see that they tend to be happier and less anxious. Though the initial stages of anxiety are common but children usually overcome it as they start becoming friendlier with their care takers.

If you know someone who have enrolled their children to a day care you could ask them for a reference. Before you send your child to childcare centre its necessary that you visit the place once or twice. This would help you see whether you are comfortable sending your children there or not. Observe how other children are behaving. Do they look happy or cranky? Observe the attitude of the caregivers as well. if you like the atmosphere then only would you be able to make the right decision.

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