Is Boarding School in QLD the right decision for your child?

Sending children to a boarding school is never an easy decision. The simple thought of them having to adjust to a completely new environment can send any parents into panic. Also being separated from friends and family isn’t easy on the child either. Then there is also the financial aspect which parents need to consider before making such a major decision. Perhaps the same kind of education can be met by sending the child to a private school or a plain old public school.

However, while all the above concerns are there, boarding schools have something which sets them apart from even the best private schools. The following are a few reasons why you may consider boarding school to be a good academic option.


Smaller sized classrooms

Boarding schools have classrooms which are generally smaller when compared to regular or private schools. With few students in each class it is easier for the teacher to give their attention to all students equally. The classrooms are designed in a way which would enable all the students to participate equally. Plus the teachers also make sure that none of the children feel left out. Even those who prefer to remain quiet are gently coaxed into giving an opinion. Thus at a boarding school a child can polish their speaking skills and gain much need confidence.


The best faculty

The faculty at a boarding school is well equipped with the right knowledge and experience in the subjects that they teach. In fact all of them possess advanced degrees which allow them complete mastery over their subject. Their knowledge helps them provide a wealth of information to the children who benefit from their vast learning.

Better resources

Children have access to better resources at a boarding school. They can use the libraries, art facilities and sports complexes at all times. Plus all these facilities are better equipped than the ones at any other school. Since the children re there for the whole day, they can access these whenever they want to. Being at a boarding school allows them ample time to make the most of the huge resources at their disposal.


Stimulating curriculum

Boarding schools provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum for the students. This allows student to expand their learning by asking questions and discussing a wide array of subject matter.


Diverse syllabus

The children attending boarding schools have an opportunity to study a diverse syllabus. There are quite a few AP options for students to choose from. Some schools even offer the International Baccalaureate program. Plus there are athletic programs which the students could benefit from. All these program combine together to make a wholesome curriculum for the child which helps develop all aspects of their personality.

By the time the student is ready to graduate they are provided ample opportunities of speaking to a career counsellor. They get one on one sessions which help them arrive at a decision which would help shape their future in the best possible way.

Choose QLD’s leading boarding school for your child so that he can have the proper training that he needs.




Building Healthy Habit for a Healthy Future

Children develop the most during early childhood. Their bodies and brains are going through a constant state of development. At this age, it’s necessary for parents to ensure their children develop proper eating habits. Sending your toddler Baldivis childcare is one way to make sure they are following a god routine which involves all of the following:

  • Lots of physical activity, at this age children are energetic. The key is to channel their energy into something useful. There should be one to two hours of play for children. Tis helps them become healthy and focused.
  • Screen time at school is monitored to a mere thirty minutes. This is because too much screen viewing can cause the brain to slow down and hinder mental development. Also parents should make sure to allow no more than two hours of screen time at home as well.
  • Healthy eating habits like inculcating more fruits and raw vegetables in the diet. Fruits provide much needed vitamins and minerals. The same goes for vegetables as well. Plus these have loads of fiber which improves digestion and keep kids happy.
  • The only drinks which children are allowed to have are water and fresh juice. Sweetened and fizzy drinks should be kept to a bare minimum at home as well.
  • Children younger than a year can be given breast milk provided that the mother extracts her feed in a bottle and leaves it with the care taker.
  • Emphasis on fresh and healthy meals which include the right balance of proteins and carbohydrates.

With the healthy eating and exercise program kids are expected to excel in all areas of development. Though all kids develop t a different pace, giving them a good start ensures that the development takes place at the right time.

Choosing the right Baldivis Childcare

Sending you child to a day care is an important decision and one which should be taken after you have given it lots of thought. It’s necessary to find a childcare which not only caters to your child’s mental development but also places importance on their physical wellbeing as well. At Baldivis childcare you can rest assured your child is in safe hands the care takers are properly trained in dealing with children and infants. When you send you child to Busy Bees child care in Baldivis you would see that they tend to be happier and less anxious. Though the initial stages of anxiety are common but children usually overcome it as they start becoming friendlier with their care takers.

If you know someone who have enrolled their children to a day care you could ask them for a reference. Before you send your child to childcare centre its necessary that you visit the place once or twice. This would help you see whether you are comfortable sending your children there or not. Observe how other children are behaving. Do they look happy or cranky? Observe the attitude of the caregivers as well. if you like the atmosphere then only would you be able to make the right decision.

Why Reading is So Important for Your Child

Reading is one of the most important aspects helping children learn. As parents it is important to set aside at least fifteen minutes of reading tie each day. It is said that if every parent would read to their child at least three stories a day, an entire generation could be set free from illiteracy.

Some might consider this statement as being over the top, but it’s something all child care providers strongly believe in. Most people might wonder if infants actually benefit from having their parents read out aloud to them. However, experts are quick to point out that reading out aloud benefits children of all ages.

When a child is born only twenty five percent of the brain development takes place in the womb. The rest is a rapid brain growth in the first year of life. This is a crucial time period in your child’s life. It’s a time when having conversations and showing picture books would help develop our child’s cognitive ability a great deal.

Reading to your child

Keep the following things in mind when reading to your child.

  • Keep aside a set time for reading. Reading helps relax the mind and thus induces a feeling of calmness. Most parents prefer reading to their child ten or fifteen minutes to their bed time. It can also be started as a nap time activity.
  • Make sure to turn it into a habit. This means diligently making sure that you read to your child every day. You could read anything you want but keep in mind that younger children prefer picture reading. The aim is to instill a love of reading in the child. Picture reading helps the child to form words in their brain and is a great preparatory exercise for further reading.
  • Reading greatly enhances a child’s cognitive ability. Children who read excel in school. When compared to children who don’t read, children with a reading habit are academically stronger and more confident.
  • Most parents fear teaching reading too their child. They believe they need to teach the child the letter and the sounds which accompany these letters. Now what needs to be kept in mind is that simply reading out loud to children from a young age inculcates a reading habit in the child. The child can easily guess the word. As their ability gets better children can decipher difficult words with ease as well.
  • When reading to your child choose books which you both enjoy. This is because the more animation and excitement in your voice, the better the child would be able to comprehend the book. Children love sound effects and the colorful visuals. These open up their imagination and in turn help cultivate creativity from an early age.
  • If your older child is facing difficulty reading a particular word, instead of having the sound it out, just tell them what it I and move on. This helps lessen learning anxiety. Eventually the child would learn to read at their own pace.

The childcare providers at day care Cranbourne suggest using all the above mentioned ideas to help your child become an avid reader.

Moving Overseas?

The best day care centers in Coorparoo?

Coorparoo is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland Australia. It is a developing community and host to some cultural heritage, shopping centers and residential towers.  It is a promising suburb and it has the complete facilities for health, education and for leisure.

Being a developing suburb of Brisbane, people are attracted to the place and when there is a population growth, businesses also increases.  Of these businesses are day care centers.

What are day care centers?

Basically, a day care center is the first step for your child to school.  It prepares your child to regular schooling and these centers are molding them to be ready for regular studies.  They maybe owned publicly or privately, they serve the same purpose.

Are these day care centers available in Coorparoo?

Yes, being a developed community, day care centers in Coorparoo should be in the area to cater to families and their children.  In every blocks of residential buildings, there should be a day care center, so residents will not travel far to send their children to school.

Here are some benefits of sending your children to a day care:

  1. Regular activities. Regular activities is benefits the family in a sense that it develops the well being of a child. As they will be provide with tasks, that will include singing and dancing, toddlers will enjoy it. It will help them achieved a proper intellectual growth.
  2. Advancement Academically. In this stage, children are provided with basic lessons, to prepare them academically. There are special lessons that are design not to bore them in the process. With this first step, they will get use to the longer hours ahead in the higher level.
  3. Socializing is a very important factor in a child’s growth.  Day care centers will give them the opportunity, to learn how to deal with environment. Here, they will be taught how to get along with their peers.
  4. Interaction with people. Another thing that they will learn here is interacting with other people. Many children are afraid to interact with other people, because they only used to deal with their own families.  Giving them the opportunity to interact with other people, will boost their confidence.  This will also teach them that there is an outside world that will deal with in the future.
  5. Better transition to kindergarten. This is a way to prepare them to kindergarten.
  6. Family Economics. Of course, this will help families economically. Children’s in the school, will mean extra time for parents, to make money.

How do we choose a day care to send our kids?

Here are few basic things to remember in choosing a day care for your children:

  1. It is essential that you must pay a visit to the day care center you plan your child to enroll. Observe how the workers handle the children in the center.  This will give you an idea, if this day care is right for you.
  2. Talk to commit. Talk to a care giver and know how long they have been in the area or the business. This will give you a picture if they are a good day care or not. Tell them more about your child and his behavior and ask them if they commit.  This way, you will have an assurance that your child will be handled properly.
  3. Check their policy. Learn how they handle the kid’s tantrums. It is important to know their tolerance level towards kids.

These are just some of the basic things you need to know, before you enroll your child to a day care center.