What to Look for in a Good Childcare

Many parents are afraid of leaving their children with strangers, that is why they may be worried at the moment of having to do so; but in the end, they see the need to make this decision. Some parents have a relative who can take care of their baby, some others prefer to hire a babysitter, but day care is always a good option to consider.

In this sense, a new doubt arises, due to the fact that at first there is some distrust for the place where they will take their children, especially because it is a new experience for the child. However, it is necessary to separate them from the home and begin a new stage. In general, daycares are appropriate places, nevertheless it is necessary to make sure of the institution to choose.

Aspects to consider in choosing a good daycare

The following recommendation is at the discretion of each parent, as it focuses on clues that could help to clarify specific doubts that may arise at the time of choosing the daycare. Some aspects that should be considered to define a good daycare would be the following

  • Ensure that it is a place close to the home, place of work, or easy access for close relatives of the child. This should be in order to guarantee the corresponding transfer at the time of entry, exit, or if an emergency arises.
  • The personnel in charge of the care of the children must be a professional specialized in the matter. They must be qualified in the specialty of early childhood education and to ensure education as well as care.
  • The rooms or classrooms must be defined according to the age of the children, which must have a caregiver in charge.
  • The daycare centre must have the necessary security so that children do not take risks. It is important that the children cannot go outside on their own, that there are no stairs, balconies, unprotected windows, rough or slippery surfaces, utensils and dangerous products within reach of children.
  • It is convenient that educators dedicate some personalized time to each child, looking not only to monitor them, but also to teach them useful things for their school stage.
  • It is very important that it is an orderly and neat place, where food, proper hygiene, and sanitary safety are guaranteed.
  • The daycare must be provided with an adequate emergency system, where the fire regulations and correct evacuation plan are met.

At the beginning, it is advisable that the child be taken just for a few hours until it adapts to the place and the context. Similarly, during this rehearsal period, parents will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate the conditions that most concern them in the day care centre, get to know the staff, and verify that it is convenient.