The invention of paper is attributed to the Chinese but in the real sense, it was the Arabs. After learning the rudiments from the Arabs, the Chinese made improvements on it and spread the new products to the west. It was a long and arduous process that was accomplished in the 13th century in the town of Fabriano and that is where the name Fabriano paper was coined from. Fabriano was the most strategic centre due to its vicinity to Ancona port where it was open particularly to the Arab traders. The growing number of artists led to quality demand that pushed the paper manufacture to innovate and improve the quality.

Why Fabriano paper

After going through various innovations and improvements through centuries, Fabriano paper remains the most coveted drawing paper amongst the artists. There is no debate about Fabriano’s paper being the best in the competition. As we all know how good quality paper tempts any artist to doodle or sketch. If you are about painting, Fabriano paper won’t fail you as an artist. You can use watercolour, oil paints, acrylic, pastels, or even gouache and there is no problem with Fabriano. If you are into printmaking, Fabriano still doesn’t disappoint. You can get a Fabriano paper that works for any of these mediums.

Types of Fabriano paper

Fabriano is in the business of making quality papers for artists to work on and showcase their talents. That being said, every artist needs to focus their strength on bringing out their creativity and not the quality of the medium. There are many surfaces for artists to work on depending on what they are specializing in. Here are a few options to look at:

Watercolour paper: If you are focusing on painting, the first thing that comes to mind is watercolour. Painting with watercolour can be tricky and you need extra quality paper if you don’t want a fight with poor quality. The quality of the medium makes the greatest difference in the final results. You can choose between a variety of weights or the traditional cold or hot pressed options. Some papers are made from 100% cotton, while others are a mixture of cellulose and cotton and are acid-free if your piece of art is meant for archival. Artists are advised to test a few options of Fabriano papers before settling on what best fits their art and preferences. They come in different pre-cut sizes, rolls, or pads.

Acrylics and Gouache: If you love oil-based paints, then acrylics and gouache are the medium you may want to work on as an artist. It requires your medium to be exceedingly resilient to buckling if anything is to go by so that you can paint your art with confidence. This medium must be primed on both sides to stand oil paint application.

Pastels: They come in varieties of stick pencils, Fabriano caters to all your needs and surprisingly, they too come in a variety of colours with the nice tooth.

Printmaking: Fabriano paper is also good for printmaking. It caters to all printmaking techniques because of its luxurious texture. And if you don’t want to paint at all, interest is well taken care of by specialty craft paper that allows artists who use collage to offer their imaginations and creativity on paper. So no artist’s paper is the same, whether you sketch or paint, Fabriano paper suppliers can attest to that.

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