What your child should know before they enter kindergarten

Is your child about to start kindergarten? You must have wondered how well should the child be prepared for school. As parents we make sure to teach whatever little we can teach our children. Though teachers would help your children learn the basics of reading and writing, there are several things which you as parents must help your child understand. Knowing about these things would help make the transition to kindergarten easier for children. It would not only help them learn better but also boost their confidence. The following are a few things which children should understand before they enrol in kindergarten.

What  your child should know

Children should know some of the basics of hand writing. This would include being able to write their first name with the first letter as capital. They should have some idea of the three finger grasp which would help them hold the pencil or the crayon properly. They should be able to recognise all the letters and assign the appropriate sound to each of those letters. This would help them sound out words and help them with their reading as well.

Children should also know their counting up till 30 and should be able to write numbers from one to twenty. Plus they should also be able to recognise the basic shapes like circle, triangle and square. They should have a grasp on colours and be able to name at least the first three primary and secondary colours.

Social skills your child should know

Children expecting to be enrolled in kindergarten should be able to use the wash room on their own. They should also be able to adjust their clothing after using the rest room and wash their hands properly. This is something which the child should do without being told.

Children are also expected to sit at least ten minutes for circle time. Younger children can move about in preschool but kindergarteners are expected to sit still and be able to carry out simple commands issued by the teacher. This helps keep the class disciplined.  Children are also expected to be able to share their things and work in a team. This helps build team spirit.  Also children attending kindergarten in Nerang should have already overcome separation anxiety. This is usually attended to at preschool level.

How to prepare your child for kindergarten

You can help your child transition to kindergarten by the following ways

When visiting on excursions to zoos, the beach or shopping malls make sure to point out different colours, numbers and letters which the child can recognise. Children often find this a fun and easy way to remember things and it’s not tedious like actually sitting down and doing homework. Also make sure to read to your child at least ten to fifteen minutes a day. It would help them read better and also improve their vocabulary. Also make sure to praise your child’s effort and encourage them.

Keeping all the above mentioned things would help your child become prepared for kindergarten.


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