Kindergarten Education

Kindergarten is one of the most fun and influential parts of a child’s education. This is the age at which the child is becoming familiar about the world around them and is trying to make sense of everything. It is at this stage that it is key that the child should learn the basics of perception and knowledge so that they can have a better understanding of the world. This is the building block stage of the child from which they can develop further in the school years ahead. But all these basic fundamentals are taught using fun methods and playful objects like toys, furniture and books so as not to make kindergarten a challenging environment

Learning the basics of education

Kindergarten now has certain standards it needs to look at while honing a child’s mind. The basics of math, english, social sciences and sciences are now being taught at this ripe age but in a very basic and rudimentary manner so as not to confuse the child.

  • Mathematical reasoning and the basics of reading and writing

Along with basic counting, kindergarten children are now also taught to view objects as symbols so that they understand mathematical reasoning. They are taught how to differentiate between different patterns and shapes of objects for abstract skills, and they also use these very basic objects for counting. Blocks, cubes, squares, etc., are used to also show them lesser and greater than concepts as well as addition and subtraction concepts. If possible, the child may even learn the variables of odd and even as well as how to count in twos to shape up their basic mathematical skills.

In terms of writing and reading, the child will look at the simple concepts of print so that they know what a book looks and feels like. They will be taught how to identify a letter of the alphabet and the sound they make as well as look for it in the beginning and end of that word. Your child will also be taught how to write the alphabet in lower and upper case and this is something that can be practiced at home as well. Besides this, the children will also learn to predict what happens further during story time and retelling of the events to hone reading comprehension skills.

  • Basics of science and social science

Teachers will try to inculcate in the students the basics of science like classifying different objects into different categories like “animal” and “plant”. Most of the scientific concepts will be taught in a fun hands-on manner with activities and bar graphical representations.

In terms of social science, children will be taught what a home, a community, and a town are and will learn to understand what a safe place is. They will learn to deeply identify what family means.